What Do You Have for Older Kids?

teensFor several years, at conferences and conventions, media specialists and librarians have asked us to develop programs for middle and high school students – programs that would be fun and entertaining, but relevant and educationally significant.  Oh, and they need to promote reading, as well.

Over the last two years, I have worked with YA librarians, some outstanding teachers, and several teenagers and have developed and “test piloted” six new reading programs and workshops.  We are very excited to offer the following programs for older school age audiences.  All programs come with a book list and support materials. Pricing for all middle and high school programs is the same as for elementary schools. Please click here for details on fees, mileage and more.

The TeenBoss Workshop

What do preteens and teens REALLY want? MONEY! Well, money and the things money can buy – clothes, computers, music and more. This workshop will teach young people how to start their own businesses that can set them on the road to entrepreneurship, self confidence and money! This is WAY more than just advice on grass cutting and babysitting (though we do talk about these time tested business models). This workshop encourages creativity and gives good solid business information, from setting and reaching goals to pricing and profits to customer service and marketing to licenses and taxes. We even discuss the wisdom of saving for the future (college, a car, or even a bigger business)!

Along the way we will introduce a number of resources, online and on the shelf at the LIBRARY, that will help them on their way to creating and owning their own successful businesses!
Everyone attending the 45-90 minute TeenBoss Workshop will receive a boatload of information and access to a “super secret” website devoted to their success!

The cost of the TeenBoss Workshop is $275.00 for a single 60 to 90 minute workshop, usually offered at a public library or after school to the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) or other small group.  Because of the interactive nature of this workshop option, attendance is limited to 20 or so.  If there is a high demand, we can usually schedule a second workshop at a greatly reduced rate.  Ask about this when you call!

For assemblies or larger groups (usually delivered at a high school), the content is delivered in a very entertaining interactive lecture format, using visuals and audience participation.  These assemblies are 45 minutes in length and, of course, cover less material than the workshops, but are a good introduction to entrepreneurship.  Consider this option for career day!

Everyone who attends either version of TeenBoss gets The TeenBoss Toolkit with handouts and unlimited access to the web information (an e-workbook for goal setting, downloadable audio files, worksheets, business planning guides, press releases, and customizable poster templates to market their businesses.)

While this information is appreciated all year long, it is especially popular right before summer to get young people motivated to work all summer long (except when they schedule time off to come to the other great YA programs you offer!).

When you book a TeenBoss Workshop, you will receive posters, press releases and even tips on how to get your workshop information on local radio or television for FREE!

math-logoMath-a-Magic! AN Introduction to Statistics and Probability

Finally, an assembly program for 6th-8th graders that addresses their academic needs! This interactive program teaches your students statistics (ratios, probability, dependent events), and exponents and factorials.

And everything is taught in a fun, engaging, and stimulating way that guarantees your students will not only pay attention, but will retain the information taught. This is not a program only for the gifted students! In fact, those who have a hard time with math will get the most from this program.

As far as the students are concerned, they see an entertaining, 50-60 minute program which features magic, tons of audience participation, interesting visuals and lots of laughs.

Without looking, one student correctly chooses the only red card out of six. Three other students team up to accurately guess the one card that is reversed in a deck. Another student does a demonstration that has less than a 1 in 270,000 chance of success!

But the real climax is when an effect is performed that should only succeed one time out of every 3.6 X 1083 attempts.

All along the way they are introduced in a memorable way to probability, statistics, and a variety of ways to express ratios.

From an educator’s perspective, the program teaches multiplying fractions and converting fractions into decimals, the basics of statistics such as ratios and calculating the probability of dependent events, and an introduction to exponents and factorials.

All of this information is presented in a memorable, fun and educationally significant manner by a presenter who knows how to entertain an audience and actually understands the math behind the magic!

Street Magic!

streetA Young Adult Street Magic Workshop

Would you like to see your YA readers transform into more confident kids and enthusiastic readers who check out books from all over the library? 

Experience the MAGIC of this workshop!

Overview:  This ALL NEW 60 minute young adult street magic workshop will provide YA readers the supplies and instructions to perform a half dozen magic tricks and will expose them to a number of resources in the library to enable them to learn more about this ancient art.  Participants will see a brief magic show, learn how to perform simple and amazing magic tricks, with cards and coins (including MIND READING!), be introduced to some of the history and major figures of magic, and be shown ways that the library can help them find out more about this fun and rewarding hobby.

Participants will receive

  • Printed instructions for the tricks
  • All supplies needed to perform the tricks taught
  • Instruction by one of the nation’s leading teachers of magic to kids and adults
  • A list of resources (print and internet) that will encourage further exploration of this fun and entertaining hobby
  • Encouragement and inspiration to visit the library to learn more!

The Library will receive

  • Posters and a press release to promote the event
  • A quality program that will be talked about all summer
  • Excited readers who will come back to the library for more resources
  • A list of suggested fiction and non-fiction books on magic, performing arts, the history of magic and famous magicians
  • High praise for bringing such a great opportunity to your YA readers!

Tales of the Unknown:

talesMayhem, Mystery and Mind Reading

Tales of the Unknown” is a program unlike anything you or your readers have ever seen before.  More than a magic show, it’s a live, interactive trip into a strange realm. During the 45 minute program, your audience will hear stories of revenge from beyond the grave; participate in mind bending experiments in ESP and thought transmission; and watch demonstrations of unusual and arcane artifacts. And like all our programs, the show encourages kids to read!  We will feature popular series like Twilight and classics from H. G. Wells and Bram Stoker. There will be ghost stories from the state where the show takes place and we even discuss the elements of a good mystery.

(DISCLAIMER:  I know a show like this can raise eyebrows. I promise we keep the show dark enough to be fun and true to the theme, but light enough where the people who attend will not have nightmares (or give you nightmares by their reaction!). Call me if you are concerned about the content, or if you have any questions.

Book Bash!

-a reading celebration!-

Book Bash! is an interactive celebration of reading that is part storytelling, part game show, part magic show and 100% FUN. Book Bash shows middle schoolers just how much can happen when they LOVE to read!

Tommy uses an unusual puppet, crazy comedy, magic and audience participation to show how books can magically let readers travel anywhere, meet famous people, and learn how to do just about anything!

This 45-minute show is filled with volunteers, comedy, costuming, magic and music. New books as well as classics and award winners are featured in the show.  Several popular series (and some series that ought to be) are included.

Over and over we reinforce the importance of picking up a book and reading EVERY DAY. The show closes with the hilarious “Instant Magician,” where one of your students or a staff member will be transformed into a magician, complete with tuxedo and top hat!

This unforgettable show will have your students talking about the reading program for weeks to come!

Arctic Express!

artic-expressThis holiday season treat middle school students to a program that’s trainloads of fun, filled with puppets, magic, storytelling, music, and audience participation. This imaginary train ride magically takes kids around the world to learn about winter holidays like: Diwali, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah and of course, Christmas.

Yes, the program is educationally significant (we can’t help ourselves, we are obsessed with creating the most educational programs available without compromising entertainment value), and yes, the program strongly encourages children to read. But don’t think for a minute that the show is anything less than sheer delight for everyone, including teachers and staff. When you hear the sleigh bell ring at the end of the show, you won’t be the only one to wipe a tear from your eye.

This is a show students and teachers will remember for the rest of their lives.

Acting with No Agents and No Auditions: a workshop for middle and high school

actingDo the students in your drama classes or drama club long to be on stage?  We all know that life in Hollywood or on Broadway can be tough on the dreams of young people.  What if someone who makes his living on stage could sit with your young thespians and talk to them about alternatives to the traditional acting path?

This session is part “prepared presentation,” part “who knows what will happen” Q&A, and is guaranteed to get your students motivated!  Nothing is off limits (as it relates to show business, anyway!) as we discuss preparation, performance, script writing and directing.  We will also spend some time talking about the BUSINESS of show business.

The most effective way to present “Acting with No Agents and No Auditions” is to have your group see a presentation of one of our assembly programs (at your school or a nearby school) first and then have our session.  The session lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on your schedule.

Expose your drama team to acting “without all the drama!”

Pricing for all middle and high school programs is the same as for elementary schools. Please click here for details on fees, mileage and more.