About Us

Tommy Johns, Educational Entertainment Specialist

Tommy Johns has a hard time deciding: is he an entertainer with a passion for teaching? Or is he an educator with an unquenchable desire to entertain? He is the founder and principal performer of Tommy Johns Presents, a company that produces educationally significant school assembly programs that are curriculum based and inspire children to read.

With two degrees in education and tons of classroom experience, Tommy knows how to teach and make the content engaging and fun. His training as an educator and decades as an entertainer make him a much sought after school show presenter!

Linda Johns, Elementary Media Specialist, College English Instructor, Grammar Goddess, Camera Shy Wife


Linda brings a variety of experience and expertise to the table, having been a college English instructor for over 20 years before making the leap to become a media specialist. She knows the state standards, understands issues facing schools and media specialists in our state, and offers invaluable insight into what schools need from an educational assembly program and the people who present them. Our programs do not hit the stage until they have been carefully reviewed by this expert!

Julian Franklin, Educational Entertainment Specialist


A native of Houston, Texas, Julian has been writing and performing educationally significant programs since 2001. Julian is a former teacher (we love working with educators!), a behavior specialist, a consultant, and a prolific writer. He is still a very active school show presenter, but since 2005 he has also been consulting and training a select group of the top school show presenters in the country. He is the author of the bestselling book Kid Control, has written a dozen elementary and middle school assembly programs, and is a great asset to this team.

Colleagues from Around the Country

Every year Tommy meets with a “brain trust” of school show presenters from around the country who share ideas, encourage each other and collaborate on new program ideas.  This group is in constant contact through e-mail and telephone, and everyone benefits! This group includes more teachers, a Broadway director, musicians, magicians, scientists, puppeteers, a graphic artist and a computer engineer who all have a passion for encouraging kids to read.

Roosevelt Rat, Author, Comedian, Magician, Puppet King


No show would be complete without Roosevelt.  As a matter of fact, he stars in every elementary and library production we offer. Along with his puppet friends Beauregard the Buzzard, Petey Possum, Art, the Talking Drawing Board and Claudia, the Hippo, Roosevelt makes the programs more fun and memorable than any school show performer could do on his own! Roosevelt is also the author of two books!

Cutting Edge Media Specialists, Teachers, and Educational Experts Like YOU!


From the beginning, we have been committed to listening to YOU. We added a toll free number, because it was a headache for some media specialists to dial long distance. We have added program content based on your input. We provide bibliographies, vocabulary lists, teacher support pieces and even signed W-9 forms, because you said they were important. Your feedback is taken very seriously, and we appreciate the ways you and your colleagues have helped make our programs better, our website more user friendly, and our offerings more educationally significant. Thanks!