Magic You Can Do

MAGIC Tricks You Can Do!

Hey there! Welcome to my super secret web page for magic tricks you can learn!

Below, you will find two ways to learn magic! There is a link to the Virtual Magic Academy and links to videos for about a dozen more magic tricks you can learn with a little practice and some common household items.

Enjoy amazing your friends and family with these fun tricks and remember – Never Tell the Secret! Magic is more fun for your audience if they don’t know how the trick is done! Oh, yeah. And don’t forget to PRACTICE before you show ANYONE a magic trick!

Click HERE to watch and learn magic in my Virtual Magic Academy. The password is MagicAcademy, one word, and capitalize the M and the A. You’ll need to gather a few things as you start and you can pause and rewind to help you master the tricks before you show them to your friends.

One more thing. Don’t call these tricks by the names below. The name might give away the secret or tell them what is going to take place before the magic happens. Just say, “I am going to do a trick with these coins.” And then, be awesome! Have fun and SHARE THE MAGIC!

5 Simple Magic Tricks
The password for all five videos is magic.

Trick #1 – The Come Back Coin – Place two coins in your fist. Reach in and remove one coin. It magically returns! To learn this amazing trick, click here.

Trick #2 – Hypno-Straw – Make a drinking straw move with the power of your mind! For instructions, click here.

Trick #3 – Roll Up – Place two pieces of differently colored paper on the table. One color changes places with the other! You can also do this trick with a one and a five dollar bill! For directions, click here.

Trick #4 – Slap Dash – A coin placed on the table under one hand magically moves to under the other hand! To find out how, click here.

Trick #5 – Spoon to Fork – Change a spoon into a fork, and back again! To get the secret, click here.

4 Fun Card Tricks!
These next videos teach four AMAZING card tricks. Magicians have been doing card tricks for a LONG time and with a little practice, you will be a prestidigitator of the pasteboards. (Translation: You’ll be doing magic with cards!) The password for these videos is tommyjohns.

#1 Lie Detector – To be honest, when I first read about this trick I didn’t believe it would work! But it does! It uses 9 cards and your volunteer does all the work! All you have to do is tell them what to do and they will find their own card in a magic way! To learn this trick, click here. One really cool thing to try is to get someone on the phone (video chat or just old fashioned talking) and get them to follow your directions. Minds will be blown!

#2 Four Robbers – I learned this trick waaaay back when I was in elementary school and I still love it today. It’s a storytelling trick and it’s easy to do, once you know the secret. To start amazing your friends, click here.

#3 Magnetic Cards – This is one I just learned a couple of weeks ago and it is so much fun to do. Learn more by clicking here.

#4 X-Ray Vision – Have someone shuffle a deck of cards and have them cut into two stacks. You name the top cards on each half and then turn them over and prove you were right. Want to learn it? Click here!

Even MORE Magic!

In 2019, I was honored to have been selected to be a part of a group of magicians who provided magic lessons and magic shows for visitors to the Breman Museum’s Houdini exhibit. Below are links to several of the magic tricks I taught while I was there. Just click on the title to get to the video.

Mobius Strip

Cut and Restored Straw

The Two Part Vanish

Crayon Clairvoyance

I RED Your Mind

Will the Cards Match?

Balancing Cup

Clip Card